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A Cart to Serve Steamy French Chocolate

Front Burner For autumn, La Maison du Chocolat will sell its hot chocolate from a roving cart. ImageCreditCreditLouise Palmberg for The New York Times La Maison du Chocolat, the Parisian confectioner, is setting up a hot-chocolate cart that will alternate its location in front of its Upper East Side shop …

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Dessert, in the Form of an Avocado

Front Burner The new frozen treats at Polosud mimic the look of an avocado, but with eye-opening flavors. ImageGiacomo d’Alessandro with some of his frozen avocado creations.CreditCreditMoya McAllister for The New York Times We’ve seen the frozen scooped-out half lemon filled with lemon ices. Giacomo d’Alessandro, an owner of Polosud, …

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A Liqueur That’s Ready for Flight

Front Burner A crème de violette from Colorado is the perfect addition to an aviation cocktail. ImageGolden Moon Distillery is now selling its crème de violette out of state.CreditCreditSonny Figueroa/The New York Times Crème de violette, a liqueur made by macerating flowers, suggests a ladylike Paris salon of yore. But …

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A Roast Chicken With Fall Flavors

There are any number of ways to roast a chicken, and most home cooks have their preferred method. But while ingredients and preparations can vary, one thing is constant: Roasting a chicken can turn a weeknight dinner into a meal worthy of a celebration. As the weather turns brisk, the …

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Capturing the Sea in a Pasta Bowl

I find the combination of pasta and seafood so irresistible that I spend way more time than can possibly be good for me — or that I can justify as professionally enriching — gazing at screens showing creamy linguine with mussels and scallops, or spaghetti with shrimp in one tomatoey …

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