Tuesday , August 6 2019
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Chairman Jerry Nadler and Speaker Nancy Pelosi hold news conference | USA TODAY

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  1. Mueller said no collusion with Russia so now democrats want to go after Trump for obstruction for a crime that doesn't exist way to waste taxpayer dollars

  2. We all have to remember that this punch drunk lunatic is third in line to be president!!!!!
    Scary real scary!

  3. What is a joke is San Fransisco. They have poop maps, drug maps. Really they like her because she is the one providing them with the drugs. She is just a upper class drug dealer.

  4. Don't you love it when the Democrats say no one is above the law? They never heard of the clintons the Obamas Keith Ellison Maxine Waters many other Democrats


  6. It's not a prosecutors job to exonerate. Just the fact that Democrats are saying that is proof positive of their bull crap! So basically he's guilty until proven innocent? It's ridiculous! His job was to find evidence and prosecute. He couldn't find evidence in one of the largest investigations in history. It's really that simple. No collusion!

  7. These Democrats are talking about preserving evidence. Where were you when the judge told Hillary Clinton to do that and she took hammers to her blackberries bleach her computer files and destroyed over 30,000 emails?

  8. When will the Pygmy Nadler shut up and go away?? What a buffoon! Next time he passes out they should let sleeping dogs lie…

  9. Vote out all punch drunk, power hungry, america hating democrate

  10. On and on he from this wacko folks and her down so envious over president Trump you know who is behind all of this folks sore looser Hilary who do you think wack job Hilary

  11. D's are like a bunch of lunatic spoiled brats. They didn't get their way in 2016, so they're having a tantrum (still) 3 years later. Be nice when a lot of these D's will end up in prison for their acts to create a coup that failed. Amazing my tax dollars are helping pay their salaries to overturn an election that our side won. We had to hold our noses for 8 years during that jackass before Trump, but the D's can't abide by the will of the people.


  13. Nadler being investigated about his connections to Epstein. He took a couple of visits with Epstein to the Virgin Islands. Supposedly Nadler was photographed with two teenage girls.

  14. And Mueller another joke it's like a all out circus of nut jobs envy envy envy that Mr President Trump is so intellegent folks

  15. When history looks back on this, Pelosi, Nadler, the squad, Mueller, and all these Trump hungry democrats, Waters, the Hawaiian Congressman and all those, will be seen as buffoons.

  16. I would love to spit at you and your idiot squad drop dead go back to hell!!!!!

  17. Isn't Nancy part of the top 1% ?

    Google search show her net worth is $ 120 million dollars

  18. I finally figured it out, Jerry Nadler IS Eric Cartman.

  19. Sorting out corruption ???? Does that mean you'll be investigating yourself Nancy as to how you got to be a multi millionaire ( where did the money come from Nancy ???

  20. Racist Republican Politburo working well for TrumPutin! Not at all for America.

    Here is what Nadler said after the Mueller testimony and just said again, today, in his press conference. This is called LYING. "If not for the DOJ policy PROHIBITING HIM FROM DOING SO, he would have indicted president Trump" – Nadler.
    **THIS IS A LIE!!!!!**
    You need not take anything these people say any further, as to keep saying this, clearly means they are pushing a narrative. Mueller corrected this statement quite strongly during his testimony and the DEMOCRATS CONTINUE TO IGNORE THIS POINT. Mueller says they didnt indict the president because they failed to determined if he had committed a crime. Not because of some DOJ policy stopping them from indicting the president. But because they lacked evidence to determine he had committed a crime. Huge difference. THIS IS A LIE THAT ALL OF THESE DISGUSTING PIECES OF SHIT CONTINUE TO PUSH.

  22. Republicans want to pretend their Emperor fully clothed, when our felonious Traitor-in-Chief stands naked as a jay-bird!


  24. There is only one way to clean up gov….get rid of LAYWERS!!! It is unconsitutional for them to hold office!!!

  25. Nancy She is so disrespectful she hates trump so much she can't even say he's the president that psychotic ..they got nothing, they got nothing, because if they did they would be shouting it to the world in fact screaming to the world ( we got him) …Because they love going in front of the cameras disrespecting the president…utter tosh and verbal 0…

  26. No Nads Nadler is a flea on the balls of a BIG DOG ( POTUS TRUMP) LITERALLY!!!!🤣🤣🤣

  27. No Nads Nadler is a flea on the balls of a BIG DOG ( POTUS TRUMP) LITERALLY!!!!🤣🤣🤣

  28. Rep. Sheila Jackson finally said what needs to be done next. And that is the Dems need FORCE Don McGahn to obey his subpoena and testify or be thrown in Prison for 20+ years!!! Not excluding fines and penalties for not honoring a legal court ordered subpoena by the House Congress of the people by the people. The Dems have the goods on "OBSTRUCTION" and everyone knows this now. After Barr rolled out that 4 page lie of a summary. Let's force McGahn and Lewandoski to testify by forcing them to either do a lengthy prison term or tell the truth about Trump's Obstruction to Justice via their Mueller report testimony. It's time to shit or get off the stool and force these Trump's cover-up flunkies to spill the beans.

  29. When Trump wins 2020, you can thank the Democrats.

  30. mrs nadler and the mummy pelosi.
    these 2 socialist are delusional.
    the mummy's big fake cans and mrs nadler stupid red fake hair are a disaster.
    stop lying and crying.
    2020 Mr. Trump will win.
    4 more years👏👏👏👏👏👏

  31. Hey, NANCY! Where's all that moola coming from?????? How are you going to give 30 million people a raise???? Are you going to pay the extra out of your deep pockets? Or is it a little slip of the lip and the ''extra'' money is going to come from raising prices for goods and services in order to pay that GENEROUS $15/hr minimum wage? Come on now, don't start sounding like a cricket! Speak up loud and clear, Mrs. Speaker of the House! Tell the truth for once in your pathetic life!

  32. I love how Nanowit uses her hands so "effectively"…is she warding off flies? Jehwwweeee the dwarf and the dimwit Pelosi.

  33. Looks like Frenchy is a buffoon as well

  34. Democrats are criminals and unamerican can't wait until Barr squashes these treacherous people!


  36. You gotta stop watching CNN. Brainwashed by Cuomo and Lemon is not the place to be. An uninformed hater is where that will get you. Ill admit, Trump says some dumb shit, but I'm not going by what he says, but what he does, and Frankly the USA is in a pretty good palce. Would be better if the Dems shook off the TDS and got to work. Sorry I called you a buffoon, Frenchy, not cool on my part.

  37. I don’t wanna denigrate anybody… however guys look carefully at Nancy. She does not only look full of stress or anxiety but she looms up lots of desperate symptoms 🤔

  38. Sign a voter ID law same as ID for jobs. Pass a law to fine company for hiring illegals as a way to save money.

  39. Shitting and shooting dope in SF downtown thanks for the HELP

  40. Two pieces of shit at one time, priceless

  41. This lady is too supeficial

  42. Drunk Nancy and Nadler the penguin from the Joker!! So sick of these two traders!!

  43. we ppppaaassssss a bersion of sapef act,,,,, aduhhhh duuhhh

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