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Jim Jordan pushes Mueller on investigating 'how the false accusations started'

Jim Jordan questions Robert Mueller on why he did not investigate Clinton campaign: ‘how the false accusations started’ against President Trump.
Mueller’s opening statement:

Former special counsel Robert Mueller told a televised hearing Wednesday that the investigation he supervised revealed a “serious” threat to American democracy from Russian election interference and reinforced his conclusion that he had “not exculpated” President Donald Trump.

“This deserves the attention of every American,” Mueller said Wednesday, opening testimony that largely tracked with the details of his investigation of the Kremlin’s efforts to sway the election that put Trump in office.

In three hours of testimony Wednesday morning, Mueller seldom veered from the written text of his 448-page report released to the public in April, often referring lawmakers to the document. House Democrats spent the morning asking him to confirm episodes detailed in that report, focusing on the president’s efforts to thwart the special counsel investigation. Republicans sought to poke holes in Mueller’s legal theory and air allegations of bias and wrongdoing.

Mueller, in terse answers, offered little for either side.

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  1. Didnt Frump say stick to the report and the report only?

  2. Mueller, do you know where you are right now?
    "I can't get into that"

  3. Its the Dem's ( communist Russia) that tried to OVERTAKE the US Gov……using "sick demented feminist" NUTTERS…did not work!!

  4. Big mouth Jordan sex affender

  5. Jim Jordan is a bad man. BEAST

  6. I've been watching the Republicans questioning Mueller over and over again. I like to watch them cook his ass. America would be fucked up if the lawless Democrats ever get the White House again. They have culture of corruption that is so pervasive and deep,it makes them unfit to govern. God help us and protect Trump and his family.

  7. I'm from the UK can someone nutshell what this trail is about

  8. Mueller checked mated the DUMB ASS REPUBLICANS.. DOJ tells Mueller to limit testimony to his report – POLITICO
    3 days ago – DOJ tells Mueller to limit testimony to his report … that they are confident the former special counsel will stick to carefully planned comments that. NO FISA?CLINTON THERE.. DUMMIES.. JUST TRUMP OBSTRUCTION AND COLLUSION DUMMIES He will be indicted once out of office.. There's a criminal in the White House..

  9. Oh I love America! The best soap opera on the earth

  10. Wow, is this the first time he hasn’t brought up Clinton’s emails?

  11. Mieller has no clue what Jordan is talking about!But he investigated this matter for 3 years, Trump's people were put to,jail, etc. Mueller cannot give decent answers.What a disgrace this is.Mueller is so out of it.

  12. No false allegations….as mueller said himself…”not a hoax, not a witch hunt and Trump was not exonerated of obstruction”

  13. Could it be Joseph Mifsud is CIA? Hmmmmm

  14. the FISA courts OKd the first surveillance of the trump organization when carter page began running the trump election campaign committee of Russia from the ROSNEFT bureau offices inside the kremlin
    why did trump need a campaign committee in Russia?
    why did trump demand Carter page run the campaign committee from the ROSNEFT bureau offices inside the kremlin?
    proof of economic collusion?
    highly likely
    putin is ROSNEFTs largest share holder
    nobody knows how many shares of ROSNEFT trump owns

  15. Why isn't GYM Jordan bring investigated for allowing his colleague rape little boys

  16. This treatment of a decorated hero that has dedicated his entire life is Appalling and for who a Rapist Sexual Predator mentally ill Pedophile and Traitor that Russia installed in to the WH and bribed the GOP

  17. Jordan is such an evil agent! So dark and twisted, so untrue, so corrupt and sold out… What's left of republicans? Hell. They sold their soul.

  18. does this mean that USA today is a real news network?

  19. Jimmy two times Jordan we call him that cause he’s always saying things two times

  20. You know I love that Drumph and his tiny base are terrified. 2020 will be BIBLICAL in his(and most of the Senate) defeat. I can't effing wait.

  21. Did Jordan take an oath to defend the Constitution or his party . . . .?

  22. Jordan ROASTED him with truth and logic. At the end of the day all I got was “witch hunt confirmed,” in my mind.

  23. Jim Jordan, like all of these Republican mental light-weights, have at least two serious problems beyond the fact that their distortion of the timing of the true story is all wrong.  The evidence that Donald Trump and his campaign encouraged and benefitted and assisted the Russian interference in our election is irrefutable.  The evidence that Donald Trump and his campaign lied to the investigators and intentionally obstructed the work of the investigators is also irrefutable.

  24. "Can't go into that." But the answer is in your report hahaha.

  25. Was the Republicans not pushing to start an investigation into how the Mueller investigation started, Why didn t they charge the guy Jordons talking abbout

  26. If he was investigating russian collusion it’s very odd he had no interest in Steele and his russian contacts.. I mean, Steele was either fooled and lied to by Russians or he made it all up..

    This was a disaster for democrats tbh

  27. Mueller has suddenly gone senile..

  28. Jordan always takes his jacket off so he can stand out from the rest. This is a good idea because his intelligence sure wont.

  29. Jordan is a bumbling fool. This hearing had nothing to do with Clinton, it was just a way of averting attention from Trump's crimes.

  30. Jim Jordan=stupid and filthy beyond words can describe=Russia's propaganda.

  31. Wonder why Jim Jordan didn't question his best friends when they were raping little kids, when they were coaches.?????

  32. I did not realize how Gym Jordan's voice is so effeminate. I guess this goes hand in hand with the pedophile that he is.

  33. Why would Joseph M. start this lie? Maybe someone paid him? Wonder who that would be?

  34. Kudo to USA TODAY for posting this clip.

  35. Jordan: "Who told Papadopoulos?"

    Mueller: "I can't get into eviden………"

    Jordan: "Yes you can. You wrote about it [in your report], You gave us the answer….."


  36. Jim Jordan is a snake in snakes clothing !!

  37. You Republicans need to give Trump an intervention !!! Trump is addicted to Orange tanning product !!!

  38. Here is the good news, here is the good news, Mueller can't answer because it's confidential sensitive information and part of the edited from the report Jim know it If Jim was really an honest guy who wants to know the truth and wants people to know the truth he could have said why you couldn't get in to that? If Mueller can only answer what he can get into, why all this BS hearing?

  39. He was a dupe, a big name used by the deep state, Hillary is having a laugh, cackling her head off, this guy is burnt, she walks away from her crimes FREE as a bird.

  40. How can anyone take this muppet Nadler seriously, the bloke wears his pants up to his chest,he would be much better suited to wear a red nose and work in a circus..

  41. Mueller looks rightfully aghast at this buffoon's theatrics.

  42. Jim Jordan did a brilliant job. Breaking down the facts.

  43. Well put Jordan, the donkey Mueller had the name in the report but didn't know it until it was pointed out, this grub took $30 million maybe the american people sue Mueller for a poor report.

  44. Mueller is so mentally ill he can't stay in reality long enough to follow a quesgion.

  45. Jim Jordan Can you tell why your named in a OSU sexual abuse lawsuit. Can you tell use why they where 9 investigations into Benghazi and yet no indictment.

  46. So it doesn't matter that trump and his cohorts CRIMINALLY accepted help from the Russians because they shouldn't have investigated it in the first place???? You people scare me with your logic.

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