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Mike Turner to Robert Mueller: you "have no power to exonerate" | USA TODAY

Rep. Mike Turner told Robert Mueller he has “no more power to declare President Trump exonerated than you have the power to declare him Anderson Cooper.”

Former special counsel Robert Mueller told lawmakers during a highly-anticipated public appearance Wednesday that the investigation he supervised revealed a “serious” threat to American democracy from Russian election interference and reinforced his conclusion that he had “not exculpated” President Donald Trump.

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  1. So saying the president is or ins't exonerated has no legal meaning?
    Someone, tell that to Barr and Trump because they didn't get the memo.
    Mueller was asked if Trump his report ''totally exonerated'' Trump and simply replied NO.
    Remember Trump is the one who started this ''exonerated'' crap.

  2. And yet EVERY leftist found a creative way to use the word 'exonerate' in a sentence after the Mueller report came out a few months ago.

  3. This is cheap psychology, let's get the President of the United States of America to stand before the American PEOPLE and explain the meaning of EXONERATE, it's a joke.


  5. Mueller has all the credentials to be on stage with all the other democratic presidential clowns…..bwahahahahaha .

  6. Turner tore that ass up.

  7. Mueller has dragged this case way too long, he did purposely for the midterm election …
    He knew damn well this case was over from day 1..
    I hope he's investigated and given justice..

  8. Mike Turner is a LEGEND!

  9. When I heard Representative Turner speak on the matter of exoneration, I smiled big-time!

  10. Anyone who doesn't get what Mike Turner is saying doesn't understand USA's legal system. People are presumed innocent. This is foundational, the bedrock. There's no "exoneration because the burden is always on the courts to prove guilt. When I read Mueller's non-exoneration I realized that the media is hoping that the majority of the country is unaware of the core foundation of the US legal system. Mike Turner did a great job of making it clear that this whole "exoneration" thing was the biggest tell as to the real plan for this from the beginning. They were not presuming innocence. They were starting with a presumption of guilt, and working as hard as they could to make sure that presumption remained. Whatever anyone reading this thinks of Trump, if you are a US voter and you don't know why the US court is set up with the presumption of innocence please read some history, ideally the Federalists papers, to understand why this is so critical to keeping America a country of citizens, not subjects.

  11. Muellers such an idiot. This is the dems white knight. Morons

  12. Mueller’s report was a smokescreen by the democrats to deflect off their own crimes. I’d say it was a treasonous attempted coup and should be punished.

  13. "Do you have the power to exonerate?"
    "I'm not going to get into that"
    "I'm not prepared to get into a legal discussion"

    That makes sense. Why get into a legal discussion at a legal proceeding about an investigation. Surely, Twitter would be a better forum.

  14. Barr said on camera Mueller could infact decide wether to indict or exonerate. Make your mind up republicans. You have chosen to allow a dishonourable man, unpatriotic, liar, inept and corrupt. What happened America?

  15. Mueller doesn't want to get into that because he knows exactly why that line is in the report. In fact, that's ALL he knows about Weismann's report.

  16. Great act. Republicans struggling to get any real traction.

  17. According to Mueller, he should’ve said NOT NOT GUILTY. Hehehe

  18. This was a load of horse crap! Barr made it “appear” to the people that he could exonerate the president. Most people are not lawyers and didn’t know Barr was full of shit!
    What a long wast of time

  19. This is a JOKE, NO ONE in HISTORY has EVER Been "Exonerated" Mr. Trump used this word to TRICK these fools. LMAO… and they Fell for it!

  20. Rep. Mike Turner shows why most people hate lawyers. A 5 minute worthless rant over the word "exonerate". Never mind it is Trump's favorite term as Trump lies about what the Mueller report said. Turner is an egotistical clownish waste of time. Muelller was incredibly patient. I would have addressed this rant by noting it was the stupidest thing ever.

  21. That was a gangster move…..much props to Turner, he made Mueller looked incompetent……I don't think Mueller saw that one coming, he wasn't ready

  22. mr. turner turned Mueller into mincemeat!

  23. To be “exonerated” one must be found not guilty by a jury in a criminal trial. To have a criminal trial one must be charged with a crime. To be charged with a crime there must be, well, A CRIME….. 0 for 3 Demtards

  24. "Does not exonerate the President" … Five words used by Mueller's Democrat team, to mislead the American people!

    Mueller's team of Trump haters, did not reach a conclusion as to whether the President committed a crime… because there was not enough evidence to charge the President with any crimes whatsoever!

    In the United States of America, that simply means that the President is INNOCENT of all allegations of wrongdoing!

    GET OVER IT DEMOCRATS! You lost the 2016 election because Crooked Hillary Clinton was a very bad candidate and a very bad choice by the Democrat Super Delegates that chose Crooked Hillary Clinton as the Democrat candidate for their Sheeple!

    🔥🔥🔥The Democrat Socialist Party is clearly going down in flames!🔥🔥🔥

  25. Trump and the vacuous Republicans are full of shit! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  26. The vacuous people on this comment board needs to read the goddamn Mueller report

  27. No collusion. No Obstruction. Volume 1 a determination was made. Volume 2 no determination was made due to insufficient evidence by AG Barr & Rosenstein. Case closed.. Time for Democrats to start doing their jobs and stop promoting propaganda and conspiracy theories… The Russia Hoax is Dead….

  28. FBI investigates. DoJ decides whether to exonerate. That’s so clear cut.

  29. Pres Trump is going to win in a landslide, along with both houses of Congress!!! Trump is winning !! God Bless our Pres !!! Keep Making America Great Mr Pres !!! Trump2020!!!

  30. The msm are purposely downplaying this video…This was the biggest part of the whole day

  31. There is no exoneration, because we have innocent until proven guilty.

    But where you like in the Leftist world of guilty until proven innocent, exoneration exists.

  32. Anybody else having a hard time finding Gowdy questioning Hillary? Surely the leftist google hasn't removed those videos.

  33. Turner ought to be ashamed of himself putting on a show to protect the piece of shit draft dodger adulterer Putin puppet who currently squats in the White House while Mr. Mueller is a patriotic, Vietnam war decorated veteran who also served our country for decades in responsible positions while Trump was plying his tax evasions, grabbing pussy, etc. Turner is a perfect example of how the Republican party has devolved to kiss the ass of the most corrupt, inept, ignorant POS ever.

  34. Mueller committed a crime on the exoneration issue and must be dis-barred.

  35. Ummmmmmm, "Mueller you dont have the power to exonerate no one does" I didn't hear this on the fake news media and it doesn't sound like it's a real legal term in the judicial system begin with, although "innocent til proven guilty" is………………………….

  36. you cannot be exonerate if you are not accused…

  37. Turner wasted five minutes of my life with a petty game on words.

  38. quit mollycoddling these Dem traitors….indict and jail 'em

  39. What you tRump supporters don't understand is this simple truth. Mueller doesn't answer specific questions because WHEN tRump is out of office he unfortunately will have the right to get a fair trial. It's not death by a 1000 cuts. Its the right to a fair and IMPARTIAL jury. If Mueller answered those questions the future jail sentence of tRump the traitor would be moot and invalid.

  40. Did you notice that when the Democrat began asking his question, Mueller glared at Turner?

  41. Case Western Law School just kicked UV School of Law's ASS.

  42. The Hammer of truth takes few words to show this Mueller team was filled with vipers of lies

  43. Mueller is a POS that ripped off American Taxpayers. I hope he dies a miserable death and his family and his families family understands what a POS he is. His wife and daughters should be ashamed to show their face in public. Oh wait! He can go on the VIEW and become a folk hero.

  44. This is priceless…..

  45. This is truly a great beat down on someone who deserves a great beatdown. He should be ASHAMED of himself not up to par with such an important investigation!!!! UNBELIEVABLE, MUELLER IS SO IGNORANT IN HIS TAX PAID DUTIES DURING THIS FIASCO!!!!!

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