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New car sharing app could make you THOUSANDS a year – Here’s how it works

The cost of driving is constantly becoming more expensive.

Fuel costs, insurance, and tax have all increased over the past year and motorists across the UK are certainly feeling the squeeze.

A new app has launched that could help motorists recuperate some of the outgoings associated with ca ownership – and even pay for a new car for you.

Drivy is a car-sharing app that allows motorists to rent out their vehicle and earn hundreds, or even thousands, of pounds a month.

One driver reported that by using the app he is on track to being able to pay for his Fiat Panda Sport within one year.

Mark Powell, a 64-year-old composer from Brent Cross in London, signed up with Drivy as a way to get back on the roads.

It has a smart unlock feature which means app users can access the car when he’s not there and automatically earn him money.

Mark said: “I decided to start car sharing when I saw a Facebook advertisement.

“I realised it was an opportunity to get back on the road and easily recoup the costs.

“My car costs as little as £100 per month to run so at the current rate, it will pay for itself and all of its upkeep within a year.

“Meanwhile, the extra money means that I also get to treat my wife to day trips whenever we wish, all paid for.

“Having my car back has certainly opened up new destinations that would’ve been tricky to get to – I can go anywhere I please without having to arrange my plans around public transport timetables!

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