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The First Thanksgiving – The New York Times

JERSEY CITY — Two years ago this month, Mayada Anjari was only dimly aware that a holiday was approaching. After the family’s three-year journey as refugees from Syria, her sons — Hayan, Mohammed and Abdulrazaq — had just started school here; her husband, Ahmad Abdulhamid, was looking for work; and …

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Counting Every Vote – The New York Times

“We need to be careful what we say,” said the judge, Jack Tuter, rejecting a request by Mr. Scott to impound unused voting machines and ballots. “These words mean things these days, as everybody in the room knows.” It was a busy weekend for undecided elections in Florida and elsewhere. …

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‘Touch Not the Cat’ – The New York Times

A. The biggest threat to the Scottish wildcat, Felis silvestris, is widespread interbreeding with feral domestic cats. The wildcats are endangered; just 45 to 100 purebred specimens remain, mostly roaming remote parts of Scotland’s western Highlands. The Royal Zoological Society of Scotland has developed a genetic test to distinguish wildcats …

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