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'The report is my testimony': Robert Mueller's opening statement | USA TODAY

Former special counsel Robert Mueller said the “report is my testimony” as he read his opening statement to Congress.

“This deserves the attention of every American,” Mueller said Wednesday, opening testimony that largely tracked with the details of his investigation of the Kremlin’s efforts to sway the election that put Donald Trump in office.

Mueller began testifying before Congress on Wednesday at the start of a pair of hearings that Democrats hope could change the trajectory of Donald Trump’s presidency, though it became apparent soon after the start of his remarks that he was unlikely to offer information beyond what had been detailed in his office’s final report.

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  1. 😂🙉🙊🙉🙊 and you little monkey libs though he was gonna expose some secret evidence! 😱 All this hype for this old fart to basically come out and say iv given you what you need but dont expect it to go very far🤣😂🤣🙉🤣😂🤣🙉🤣 mean while orange man is honking his nose while his older daughter gives him a hand job at his desk and you pathetic libs can't do shit about it. 🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡. Take this as your lesson libs if you create a circus there will always be a clown that can beat you at your own game and since you liberal pussies turned Washington into the worlds biggest circus clown man Trump is gonna pie face everyone of you mothers F!@#$%@. Yall deserve this shit its ur fault for destroying the dem party and everything good it used to stand for.

  2. The American president is a mentally ill racist scumbag and crook. EVERY elected Republican is fine with that – and so are most private citizens who vote Republican. THIS is why the USA is swirling the drain…

  3. absolute proof America is not the great country it once was or ever will be again. A bunch of BS professionals in charge of congress more interested in seeing their party come out on top then in the welfare of the country they profess to love and support. One party bending over backwards and giving up moral standards to support a lying criminal and the other to afraid of public backlash to buckle down and do a thorough job of investigating potential wrong doing by a sitting president and his cabinet. Each and every one of them more concerned on loosing financial support and the perks of the cushy jobs they have then seeing to it that America once again raised to it's former high standing and standards. I feel sorry for the young people living in this country today. They will never be able to feel the pride the previous generations of this country once felt.

  4. Mueller put party before country as do all Republicans. All Fascists are the same.

  5. Most of the people here attacking mueller testimony dont even listen to what he’s saying. Just attacking his character and shouting MAGA. I wouldn’t be surprised if most of them were just bots from the GOP or Russia

  6. All smoke and mirrors. Most politicians are corrupt. Keep the sheeple busy. Entertainment, work, bill's, and taxes. Let's make it look like we care though while we're bending the citizens over. EVERY president is a joke and if you honestly believe they care for you…
    Then you're lost. They have only ever cared for our votes or should I say Electoral votes. The Dems and Republicans have a monopoly on our democracy. We need to change for the better.

  7. I'm sorry but He's senile … The Republicans ask a question and he asks for a repeat and can't recall or address but the Dems ask a question and he agrees like a paper mache nodding dog

  8. Impeach President bone spurs

  9. Only a fool would support Trump

  10. So no conclusion lol

  11. Damn those Russians for exposing the truth about Hillary.

  12. What I can't understand is Trump supporters believe that Robert Miller's testimony exonerates Donald Trump . Just how stupid can you be . Can't testify on a ongoing investigation .

  13. And Mueller is bombing fast for the Dems……

  14. Thank you Robert Mueller for the total and complete exoneration of our beloved President.
    🇺🇸 TRUMP 2020 ! 🇺🇸


  16. Bla bla bla bla……Read the report and enough of waiting the taxpayers money. Both sides are just trying to change the report finding hoping Muller will " spill some beans"….NOPE….

  17. mueller needs some charges. i got a long life to give him justice. and i promise to give it to him if the justice system fails.

  18. Robert Mueller is a criminal the same a Hillary Clinton and Lolita Express Epstein client Bill Clinton. Bill is a pedofile. Robert Mueller did not answer any fundamental questions to the US Congress. There was no Russian Collusion. FBI did ask criminal Ukrainian Oligarch to find any dirt about patriot president Trump and there was only fake story. After FBI and CIA Clinton and Obama controlled used intelligence agency from UK, Italy. Ukraine, Australia itd. to make a fake story. This is criminal to the American people.

  19. I am watching Mueller the Mole who sold his soul…He betrayed us all. He is a blind mole who can't remember what he wrote, said or what he believed.  He hired only haters of our President and haters of America.  He answers Demon-rats, "That is true".  He says to Republicans, "I can't answer that". This whole mole show was always to protect the Clintons and the derpy deep state. The second part of the report was basically wishes, wants, lies, and innuendoes to protect the Demon-rats. It was the Demon-rats all along who tried to commit blasphemy and lying against this President to protect their focking egg money. The whole ordeal is a slap to our faces, a slap to our integrity and a beating to our confidence in justice.  The ghosts of justice protect the Demon-rats Americanism. The ghosts practice the art of CYA at its finest. They indeed did try to cover their asses. That CYA practice was Demonism in the highest degree which is 360 not the almighty 33. They protected James Comey, Obama, The Clintons, CIA, FBI, NSA, THE MEDIA, THE DEMOCRATS, The English and the Russians.  Never forget it was Mueller that went to Italy and picked up the stolen and ill gotten Uranium sample to deliver to Moscow. The exchange of funds were shared amongst the above and the money to IRAN was included. The best questions to always ask when analyzing is why, what, where and how come.
    Mueller is tripping up trying to tip-toe through the daffodils and the tulips and he's falling flat on his face. You hire Demon-rats only and you're not biased? Yeah, right! He, the Demon-rats, liberals and the FBI are moles, pedophiles, liars, thieves and murderers.
    Praising a man for being an awful mole who sent innocent people away is demonism at it's finest! Shame on all those Demon-rats who took part in this coup d'etat. That was what those traitors did.
    Do your best to never believe or follow those backstabbing demon-rats.  They care not for justice, valor or honor.  They only care about themselves, protecting their almighty money and protecting their evil blasphemous pageantry.
    That's how I really feel.

  20. It's a wrap. What I thought. Repub's full of crap helping a criminal Obstruction coverup.

  21. IMPEACH AND PROSECUTE. Miller's first comments remind the public that 30 arrests including Russians have been made during this investigation, so clearly there crimes committed. He said he is not willing to charge the president with crimes because you cannot indict a sitting president. He did NOT exonerate him. The report outlines 10 instances in which he could be charged for obstruction. He obstructed so much that it interfered with the investigation and Mueller hit a brick wall.

  22. I think Mueller did a great Job proving his point and answer the questions accurately

  23. Can't put lipstick on the Trump administration. Corrupt, lying, criminal, treasonous and un-democratic to the core. The stench of it filled the hearing. Plenty to pursue impeachment. If only congress has the balls.

  24. US Today I would have asked Robert Mueller These questions:
    1. Was your investigation Materially Obstructed by Trump? The answer is No

    2. Does the FBI Prosecute anyone? The answer is No

    3. How can you say Trump can still be Prosecuted when the U.S. Attorney General

    determined Trump did not commit Obstruction? Awkward silence.

  25. If there was anyone who was not convinced that Trump is a Traitor today must be the day the stopped smoking crack. “I cannot exhonorate the President”.Is that because of the DOJs policy that states a sitting president cannot be indicted?Yes”so you cant exhonorate Trump because DOJ says you cant Indict Trump!Yes!

  26. Trump treason part 2 on now. Intelligence committee got next.

  27. Just now, Question to Mueller: Your investigation found that Russians wanted to help Trump win the election and that Russia committed federal crimes to help Trump by stealing documents and that the Trump campaign built it's strategy around those stolen documents and then Trump officials lied to cover it up. Mueller: Yes

  28. I’m with Mueller the US Marine not the lying bonespur Trump

  29. Putin, the buzz in Nunes' ear.
    Nunes, the gnat in dotard's eye.
    Dotard, the mote in history's eye.
    GOP, in the dustbin of history.

  30. I particularly enjoyed the congressman's examples of Trump praising wiki leaks as a treasure trove of information after Mueller said wiki leaks is being prosecuted as a foreign agent or tool to interfere in the election.

  31. Mueller no the investigation absolutely wasn't a hoax or witch hunt after Devon (Trump hack) Nunes blabbers on about it.

  32. when sniveling don the con hired paul manafort and mike flynn he was cruising for a CIA/FBI/DOJ bruising. he gambled and lost hugely on manafort and flynn. he deserves all of the grief that director mueller has inflicted on him.

  33. The Results of Russia Meddling?? = The Anti-American,Anti-Trump Left and
    Media. <— You fell into Russia's trap. This years long Witch hunt
    is the proof.

  34. The Results of Russia Meddling?? = The Anti-American,Anti-Trump Left and
    Media. <— You fell into Russia's trap. This years long Witch hunt
    is the proof.

  35. They should have had Ben Stein in there to jump in at the end of each question… Mueller, Mueller….

  36. Mueller and his bunch of thieves have no credibility what so ever. The special conceal of TRUMP haters found nothing to incriminate Our President Donald Trump!!

  37. This is such a disaster … for hours we listened to this Horse Head Muller stutter , and grunt like some farm animal. He should have come in with an apology to our President… You Dem's are ALL PIGS, all of you… PIGS …You have stifled our country and divided our People with this lie… It's sickening …

  38. Watch what you say you on YouTube he might hurt someone's feelings.

  39. In his opening statement he actually says defendants are innocent till proven guilty, but for our president, "can not be exonerated". What a joke!

  40. The demonrats are over with! They have assured Trump's reelection.

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