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UK Conservative Party set to choose new Prime Minister | USA TODAY

Maverick Boris Johnson or manager Jeremy Hunt: Who will be Britain’s new prime minister?

Other UK news: Dramatic audio released of Iran seizing British ship

Britain’s next leader will either be Boris Johnson, regarded as an eccentric, gaffe-prone populist who draws comparisons to President Donald Trump, or Jeremy Hunt, who has a reputation as a steady pair of hands, but whose commitment to delivering the country’s exit from the European Union – Brexit – has been questioned.

The winner – chosen by an internal Conservative Party vote because Britain elects a party not a prime minster – is expected to be announced on Tuesday.

On Wednesday, current Prime Minister Theresa May will formally submit her resignation to Queen Elizabeth II at Buckingham Palace. May is stepping down over her failed Brexit plan. She will remain a member of Parliament for now.

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  1. They are NOT going to let you leave. PERIOD. you are bought and paid for. SOLD OUT!

  2. Poor Boris. He’s actually impressive but everyone hates him because the media is still trusted over in Britain. Which is crazy, because it’s mostly state media there and possibly more dishonest than CNN

  3. boris johnson it is so get brexit done

  4. You'll need a Cajun to cook that for you.

  5. What happened to the Brexit party???

  6. UK's version of Trump, lmao! Only exception is he knows how to speak coherently.

  7. Boris Johnson please get the Brexit done properly!!! UK people need you, love you, do not let them down.

  8. Democracy at work and you use a picture of him holding a fish??? The voted to leave end of story. USA today is so bias

  9. We are fucked .good luck if iran wants to go to war as dickheads here cant even sort themselves out 🙄

  10. How about choosing a new mayor for that shit hole called Lomdon?

  11. IS IT THE FISH!?😂😂😂

  12. england is fucked gladd i live in scotland

  13. Keep all those freeloading immigrant barbarians out and the let the rest of those Islamic soyboy loving countries destroy themselves

  14. Y people vote in the tories is a joke,, all they have done is Rob the poor, Yr after Yr after Yr

  15. This is an the era that considers Deadpool as our superhero. Trump and Boris fit well in this era, and we're all f*cked. lol

  16. TIL brits dont choose the prime minister. Im gald i live in a free country and not Britain

  17. Hey, peeps in the UK. Once you guys leave the EU, just wait till you start seeing your healthcare system dismantled, and replaced with the US "system" and insurance companies. Hope you enjoy piles of debt, with a side of non-existant diagnosis and prevention.

  18. "narrow margin" ?! 1 million votes….

  19. Boris does get stuff done .

  20. Who is this fresh new suprising upcoming candidate? What are his policies cause I feel I could vote for the fish

    The [Super PREDATOR]
    Hunter 20/20👈😄🇺🇸

  22. "Narrow Margin" or not, the people have spoken!

  23. Also see: Phil Merrall – UK Politica Also see: Phil Merrall – UK Politica

  24. Trump gave the Dems the biggest slap in the face in 100 years. Go Boris, kick those worthless worries out

  25. BOO ! This world does NOT Need any more ConservaNazis with their LOUD and Intellectually Offensive Hate Spewing Garbage, Horrifically Unresearched "Facts" and a Myopic World View Usually FED to them by fox"news" and a handful of media loudmouths always happy to rope in more "Sheeple" to their Linear , Brainwashed ways. It is Soooooooo Obvious where the problems lie , vile incompetents in High Positions of Power, further electing like minded and Embittered Drones in positions under them , when they are NOT Remotely Qualified to have to Responsibility to Direct ANYone because they can Not even Lead Themselves .. Sad… #ShadesOfReich

  26. USA today, break any laws today obstructing justice?


  27. Theres a Trump in every part of the world……Boris confirms that….Hope he loses

  28. We've got an Orange Pig, why shouldn't they have a Blond Pig? It's just a question of hair dye.

  29. Hey look its the UK TRUMP.

    Vote him in boys.

  30. They are also set to cut all homeless British people into two separate pieces by 2025

  31. Boris Johnson look like the right candidate. Please save U.K. from globalization Mr. Johnson.

  32. Getting ready to elect their own Trump. Here's hoping the brits have smartened up since their disastrous decision to leave the EU and have paid attention to what kind of international damage an American Trump can do…

  33. Holding a stinky dead fish. Yep, that’s him.

  34. How did the US and UK get fat old men with baby boy blonde hair lol?

  35. May,was a Remoaner, sell our Country out to the Shitty EU.Boris must deliver.

  36. He looks like trump!! Except he's a lot, a helava lot smarter.

  37. Boris Johnson sucks. He's a populist dumb!

  38. The Brits would have had a better future if they would not have chosen to have so much black hatred within their own culture, and also if their British ex-patriates would not have chosen to continue perpetuating black hatred and their white superiority entitlement once they have arrived for their oh so much more promising futures in the Americas. To them, Give me my Big House instantly, they use their accent to get away with corrupt behaviours and an excuse to steal a promotion from a native North American. They still use their higher educated people to just drive the London Buses instead of using their advanced levels of education. Also, " No one becomes a Prime Minister without going to 'Oxford' nor if you do not have a caucasian looking skin " – Plus these Prime Ministers were funded by the Slave Masters in their Families that they stole from America, Canada, and all over the Americas, North, Central and South. Shame. And they cursed Israel. A lot of them for using Hatred in a Foreign Land should be sent back to the cheapened excuse of an Island that they came from. It's so corrupt, it favours Pirates, Stealing, Cheating to get ahead, it really should just be designated as an 'Alcatraz' until further notice. They also chose to favour Australia as opposed to Canada. And then their Australians come over, and do the same thing that the Brits have been training them to be doing. Rudeness and improper portions of Entitlement and Black People automatic Hatred. Very Very Prevalent and Evident here in Cana-duh. It's Okay, America, you've come a long way and I'm sure some of us still love you.

  39. After universal credit my three daughters will never ever vote for a tory

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